In order to provide safe and effective treatment, it's critical that you have an accurate picture of the health and medical background of new patients.

This important information is often collected via medical questionnaire forms that patients fill out when they arrive for their first appointment. However, the time taken to fill out these forms can reduce face-to-face consultation time, and cause knock-on scheduling delays. Patients may rush to complete the form and miss out relevant information, and may not have access to specific details around their medication.

Once a form has been completed, someone usually has to enter it in to a practice management system, which may not happen in time for it to be reviewed during the first appointment.

Many clinics today are already streamlining appointments with online booking and email/text reminders. A natural extension of this is providing access to online medical questionnaires that patients can complete at home, ahead of their appointment.

We operate patient forms across dental, medical & therapeutic practices that are easy and secure for patients to complete, and provide you with accurate, clear information before your patients arrive. They can also be used on a mobile device in-clinic for those that are not able to complete beforehand.

In many cases we can load this information directly in to your practice management system, no data-entry required. We can also help with consents, referrals and any other forms you use to run your business.

Our forms include advanced features like image annotation, attachments, electronic signature, save-and-finish-later & much more.

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